Friday, June 22, 2018

1953 Map

Below is a detail from the official 1953 North Carolina Highway Map. It shows a dotted line for the "Toll Fy" (Frazier Peele's wooden, 4-car ferry across Hatteras Inlet), double-dotted lines on Ocracoke (the Unimproved [sand] Road the length of the island), and a dotted line for "Toll Ferry-No Cars" (the mailboat route from Atlantic to Portsmouth to Ocracoke.

In 1953 Ocracoke was just on the verge of being discovered by more than hunters, fishermen and a few adventurous souls.

This month's Ocracoke Newsletter is a delightful story written by Dr. Warren Silverman, who in 1981 became the island's resident physician after forty years without a doctor. The story is about Dr. Silverman's very first Ocracoke patient, island native Maltby Bragg (1904-1985). You can read the story here:

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