Friday, June 29, 2018

Advice for Surf Fishermen

Anglers enjoy our beach just about anytime but especially in the fall when the fishing is superb. At that time of year their 4WD vehicles are often lined up close to the water's edge. In 1981 one fishermen decided to take a nap in his SUV. When he woke up the waves were lapping under his vehicle, and all four tires had sunk into the wet sand. 

Over the next several tidal changes the SUV was completely inundated, then rolled back and forth by the breakers. During one low tide I noticed that the tires looked brand new...and were the exact size as the ones on my Chevy Blazer. Only the right side two tires were exposed, but they were still partially buried in the sand. With help from family, and a lot of effort, we dug the tires free and removed them. They served well until the Blazer was junked years later.

I don't believe the SUV was ever extricated. I think it just gradually settled into the quicksand and was covered by more sand. I guess it's still buried out there.

So, if you are planning to park near the water's edge, don't fall asleep as the tide is coming in!

This month's Ocracoke Newsletter is a delightful story written by Dr. Warren Silverman, who in 1981 became the island's resident physician after forty years without a doctor. The story is about Dr. Silverman's very first Ocracoke patient, island native Maltby Bragg (1904-1985). You can read the story here:


  1. Were you ever able to extricate the other two tires? ;-)

    1. The other two tires were definitely irretrievable!