Sunday, September 19, 2004


Ahoy there me heartys.

Now listen up you scurvy dogs! Today is "Talk Like a Pirate Day" and you'll be paying the King's ransom (so to speak) if ye pass up this opportunity to impress your fair-haired beauty with pirate talk. (If you're a lass yourself, keep in mind ole Anne Bonney and Mary Reed, some of the fiercest lady pirates ever to sail the seven seas.)

You land lubbers might need a bit of instruction, but it's really not so difficult. A tankard of grog should help, for sure. Just step up to the scuttlebutt and lend an ear. In no time at all your fellow buccaneers will help you learn the lingo. Or, if all else fails, check out the official "Talk Like a Pirate Day" web site:

Avast now, you bilge rats. There's no time to loose, or ye might end up keel-hauled just off Teach's Hole!

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