Friday, September 24, 2004

Lachlan Photos

At the risk of being one of those grandparents who can't resist showing photos of his grand-younguns, I'll bow to pressure from folks who have asked to see more recent pictures of Lachlan. He is now 7 weeks old. I hope you enjoy them.

(To view a larger image, click here.)

To view a larger image, click here.)


  1. Anonymous10:03 PM

    Absolutely adorable! How do you pronounce his name? I've never seen it before. Is it a family name?

  2. Lachlan is pronounced like the Scottish word "loch" + "lan" (which rhymes with "man"). I believe the spelling "Lochlan" is Scottish, while "Lachlan" is Irish. It is not a family name. David plays a fiddle tune with the name "O'Lachlan" in it, and he & Amy just like the sound of the name. I'm pretty sure "O'Lachlan" must mean "Of (or from) the land of the lake."

    Lachlan's full name is "Lachlan Wesley (this was my dad's middle name) Tweedie (David's last name) Howard (Amy's last name).

    OK, so it's a bit unusual to do it that way, but, hey, it works for them. And anyway he'd be a cutie no matter what they named him.

  3. Anonymous8:49 AM

    Thanks for sharing the photos, he is a beautiful baby!