Monday, September 06, 2004

Brunch Potluck

Today is Caroline Temple's 6th birthday. But yesterday her parents (Sundae & Rob, captain of the schooner Windfall) celebrated with a potluck brunch for friends and neighbors. It was also Frank Phelp's last day before returning to Washington, NC. (Frank was Capt. Rob's mate on the Windfall this summer.) So it was also a good opportunity to bid him farewell until we see him again.

We ate egg & artichoke casseroles, bread pudding, broccoli dishes, beans, fig cake, and much more. It was quite a feast....and Caroline is quite a cutie!

Sundae had a postcard on her refrigerator with the message "How to Build Community." One of the suggestions is "Have Pot Lucks." As I read down the list I realized that many of us on Ocracoke are committed to all of the suggestions (e.g. "Sing Together," "Greet People," "Put up a Swing," & many others). I guess that's why we have such a strong sense of community on the island.

I have contacted the creators of the list and hope they will give me permission to publish the entire text sometime. In the meanwhile, why not plan a pot luck for your neighborhood? They are great for building and maintaining community.

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  1. Anonymous9:07 PM

    The first time I visited Ocracoke, I was so impressed with your sense of "communiy" that I carried several of the ideas home with me. My own neighborhood now has it's own pot the tradition carries on across the country.