Thursday, September 02, 2004

School Question

Our second question is:

"How many children attend the school each year and how many teachers are there? How big was the graduating class? Do they have any of the extra curricular activities or special education classes like the larger schools?"

Ocracoke is the smallest school in North Carolina, with 101 students this school year (grades K - 12). The senior class will have 7 students. I just learned that the state has recently allocated one teacher per grade level for K - 8th grade. In the past Ocracoke classes were often combined. Now, with the addition of four new teachers, combined classrooms will be a thing of the past. The school has 19 teachers and a total of 29 on the staff.

You no doubt have seen t-shirts printed with the names of all the graduating seniors from a particular school. Ocracoke has a t-shirt printed with the names of every person who has ever graduated from the school!

Ocracoke school will be adding some new classes this year, as well as classes that have not been offered for a while (e.g. botany and local history). In addition, students can take advantage of classes taught on line. Interestingly, Ocracoke is the first school on the East Coast to offer surfing as an elective.

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