Sunday, September 12, 2004

One More Question

Ocracoke is often known for what we do NOT have. The list isn't quite as long as it once was, but it's still pretty impressive. Among other things, we don't have

Traffic lights
Movie theater
Fast food restaurants
Chain stores
Shoe store
Racoons & Possums
Squirrels (OK cross that one out!)

We do have squirrels now. For about two years we've had squirrels. I won't name names, but SOMEONE on the island let loose two squirrels. So now they're running all over the village. Which obviously prompted our 7th reader question:

"I've heard on the grapevine that you have an aversion to squirrels. Did you have a nasty experience as a wee lad, or did they perhaps get into your moonshine one time?"

Sqirrels are actually cute. Of course, they are basically just little furry rodents with bushy tails, but they are cute. I must admit. But now we'll never get rid of them. They're kind of like fast food restaurants. We don't have any (and don't want any!), but if they ever gain a foothold they'll probably be here to stay.

So I say, take the squirrels as a warning and a metaphor, especially when they start invading attics and out buildings. We're best off without the invasions -- whether it be squirrels or fast food restaurants. But at least the squirrels are cute!

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  1. Anonymous7:35 PM

    Thanks for your comments re. what we don't have. The list (among other things) is one of the reasons I love Ocracoke so much. When I read your stories about swims after work, walks on the beach seeing not a soul, it makes me miss it so much. It's such a special place where I will continue to come each summer. I always tell my friends that summer isn't complete until I've been to Ocracoke. The problem is, I never want to leave when the time is up. Ohio friend