Sunday, August 13, 2006

Bonfire on the Beach

Jude & Frank invited me to join them last night. Family members were visiting from the mainland and they had planned a bonfire at the high water mark. When I arrived the oak & cedar logs were blazing, and folks were sitting around chatting. Dale was there with his wife, Jaren. We walked down to the surf looking for phosphoresence. There were only small traces of the microscopic plankton that glow like effervescent diamonds, but just then the amber moon rose above the sea and put us all under its spell.

Back at the fire Frank's cousin, Andrew, with guitar in hand, entertained us as we shared stories and tall tales. Lou Ann told me earlier in the day that she was sad she wouldn't be there "to join in as you sing Kumbya." So just for Lou Ann I broke out my harmonica, and Andrew played along, as we all sang that quintessential 1960s campfire song. I'm hoping Lou Ann "heard" us as we sang just for her.

You can read our latest newsletter here. It's about Ocracoke Islanders and "tokens of death."

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