Monday, August 07, 2006

"Something Sappy.......

.....Nothing about shipwrecks, or history." Those were my instructions for the journal early this morning as Lou Ann & I stood on the deck of the Hatteras Inlet ferry. We were on our way to the Norfolk airport where Lou Ann had a flight taking her back to her other life in the midwest.

This has been a fabulous summer for us both. Lou Ann loves Ocracoke. Every week she researched island history and included it in her Wednesday evening Radio Show at the Opry. Together we played "Miss Maggie Mae" & "Walter Howard" to an appreciative audience. We loved doing it. On Tuesdays and Fridays we joined Amy leading ghost & history tours through the village. Nearly every Sunday evening you could find us listening to Martin Garrish & Friends at the Jolly Roger restaurant on the harbor.

We found time to help out at the Ocrafolk Festival, and to host pot luck dinners, birthday celebrations, music in the parlor, & square dancing in the front yard,. We went out in Rob's sailboat, dug for clams with the grandchildren, flew kites, swam in the surf, hiked at Springer's Point, and visited with friends & neighbors.

We also played cribbage by coal oil lamp, enjoyed Sunsets on the Pizer, shared books and magazine articles, and talked on the porch swing late into the night. We walked hand-in-hand down Howard Street under the full moon, showered outside under the cedars and live oaks, and stole a kiss or two now and then.

Oh yes, we found time to work, too!

Tonight the house will be quiet, and I'll sit alone on the old porch swing. I miss Lou Ann already, of course. And I know she wishes, as I do, that we didn't have these regular periods of separation. It was hard to see her off today. But we've planned some time together this fall, at least every month. And we'll be together for Thanksgiving and Christmas. There is some consolation there.

As they say, Life is good....and we're happy that we can share our lives, and our homes as frequently as we do.

I guess that's about as sappy as this guy gets.

Look for more shipwreck stories in the future.

You can read our latest newsletter here. It's about Ocracoke Islanders and "tokens of death."

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