Tuesday, August 22, 2006

A New Newsletter

Finally.....I've published another newsletter. I know I missed a month. Actually I've had the newsletter ready for several weeks, but have had problems with the laptop that the bulk of our web site resides on.

This month I share with you a brief history of Howard Street -- the footpath that preceded the road, the petition of 1835 to widen the footpath, the decision by the state to pave the western end of the road, and Stacy Howard's thought to nail up the "East Howard Street" sign soon afterwards.

You can read the history here.

Today, in 1933, Ocracoke experienced one of the island's most devastating hurricanes (along with those in 1899 & 1944). According to contemporary accounts the water was knee-deep in the village, and winds were estimated to be over 120 mph.


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  1. I love the recent newsletter on Howard Street. Howard Street is my very, very favorite street of all time and I have a picture of it hanging at my desk, taken in 1995. I think it is taken facing the Silver Lake end and there is a worn white picket fence on the right hand side with a very large live oak in the yard. When we used to come to Ocracoke, walking down Howard Street in the evening was a must. We stay in Buxton now. Ocracoke started to change too much and we wanted to remember it just as it was when we started going there. Silly, I know. But the old Ramsey cottage on Northern Pond fit the bill perfectly and those summers will always be remembered as our best.