Tuesday, August 08, 2006


My son, Stefen, and his wife, Snee, and their three children, Zoe, Eakin, & Eliza, were here all last week. We went out in Pamlico Sound in the boat, dug for clams, played in the surf, walked to Springer's Point, enjoyed dinners together, sat on the porch, and generally had a wonderful time together. Amy & David brought Lachlan by to play with his cousins. They all seemed like island urchins, running barefoot through the sand, catching toads, and screeching with delight. More than once I thought how like Tom Sawyer, Becky Thatcher, & Huck Finn they all were.

You can read our latest newsletter here. It's about Ocracoke Islanders and "tokens of death."

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  1. Anonymous9:49 PM

    Does life get much better than that? I don't think so. What a wonderful way to spend time with your family...Judy