Friday, August 11, 2006


Ocracokers were sadened to learn that long-time island resident, Sherrill Senseney, died last Sunday. Although Sherrill and her husband, David, had been living in the North Carolina mountains the last several years, they maintained their home on the island, and often spent the better part of their summers here.

Sherrill & David moved to Ocracoke in the mid-1970s as new teachers. Sherrill was an active church member and a steady supporter of the school and other island organizations. She had a deep and abiding committment to this special community. She appreciated island history, traditions, and stories, and nurtured her friends and family in loving and caring ways. Sherrill had a quiet and calm presence that encouraged all around her to cooperate, respect each other, and honor their differences as well as their similarities.

David and their daughters, Claire, Mary Britton, and Sally, as well as her extended family, will surely miss Sherrill's steady love and warm embrace. They and we who are left behind on Ocracoke will keep Sherrill's memory alive as we tell her stories, recall her gentle smile, celebrate her sense of humor, and learn from her exemplary life.

Sherrill is deeply missed. Farewell, friend.



  1. Anonymous3:42 AM

    A sad day, for sure, and a great loss.

    The Senseneys are a wonderful family and this is mournful news. My condolences to them, and all who knew them, for their great loss.


  2. Anonymous8:37 AM

    THANKS for letting everyone know, I had not heard, I'll call David tonight.

    What a loss.

    Mtns of NC