Saturday, September 15, 2007

Cocktail Party

Cocktail Party? On Ocraacoke? Sure enough. This afternoon at two Sara Harris (nee Spencer) and Brian Warren will be married on the beach. I will be participating (Sara was one of my students at Ocracoke School way back in the mid-70s), so I joined the party last night. Well it wasn't exactly like a stiff, formal cocktail party. With few exceptions almost everyone knew everyone else -- you know, kinfolk, neighbors, & friends. There was a table filled with good things to eat, and some of the ladies had on party dresses (I even wore a collared shirt), but some folks were in t-shirts and shorts, or barefooted. Like most island gatherings, the people and the stories and the laughter were much more important than status, position, or clothes.

It is overcast with a 50% chance of showers this afternoon, but Sara says she'll go ahead with the wedding in the rain if she has to. This could be interesting.

This month's newsletter is a story of Captain Joe Burrus, last Ocracoke lighthouse keeper before the beacon was electrified and automated. You can read it here.

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