Thursday, September 27, 2007

Overnight Rain

It started raining just before 7 last evening. It was a soft, tropical feeling rain. It's been such a dry,dry summer, the kind that makes you avert your eyes from the plants you had such high hopes for when you put them in the ground in the spring. We didn't get a whole lot of rain but any is surely welcomed. It was so hot and dry this summer it was hard to come by a cloud most days. When our youngest son Travis still lived here on the island, and we had a summer like this, he'd look up at the sky and say " Oh Momma, don't you sometimes just get tired of that old sun and wish a cloud would come by?" Amen to that Travis! And...most days Frank and I wish Travis would come by.

Our latest monthly newsletter is Lou Ann's story of commercial clamming with 13 year old Morty. You can read it here.


  1. Nice to think of the rain there. I'm like Travis, I do get tired of the sun and am glad for a sleepy rainy day. We may get some of those soon here in Iowa as fall approaches. What are the sure signs of fall for Ocracoke? Here we wait for the first leaves to change, the first frost, the fall moons, and btw, did you all have the fantastic show from the full moon this week?

  2. Anonymous11:38 AM

    Was so nice to be back on Island time. Hard to leave and go home. Hope I can catch some big Maryland crabs this weekend for your visit. Great to see you and be back on Ocracoke!