Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Orb Spider

I rode my bike by Jude & Frank's house this morning. My camera doesn't work well for close ups so this is the best photo I could get of their spider.

This is an orb spider (on the island we call it a garden spider), and you can see a better picture on the Wikipedia web site by clicking here.

Today is also "Speak Like a Pirate Day," so I'll close by saying Aaaaargh!

This month's newsletter is a story of Captain Joe Burrus, last Ocracoke lighthouse keeper before the beacon was electrified and automated. You can read it here.


  1. Anonymous6:12 PM

    We call it a writing spider. Is that not the kind Charlotte was in Charlotte's web?

  2. Anonymous9:20 PM

    Out of curiosity, how large is the spider. In the picture it definitely looks like the largest spider I've ever seen. Thanks!

  3. Anonymous5:03 AM

    I believe you are correct in this spider being an artistically valued spider, according to old legends and folklore. It definitely will bring good fortune to he or she who adores him/her!

  4. Anonymous2:44 PM

    We used to call them Garden Gypsies when we were kids-sort of fits

  5. Anonymous10:12 PM

    We saw one of these little guys a couple of years ago on the Island... they are quite striking!

  6. Anonymous9:49 AM

    Couple years ago I spotted one in my backyard, took some photos and emailed them to Pat Garber for identification. Dopey me: it turned out that she had written an entire chapter in one of her books about the spider. Duh!