Saturday, September 08, 2007


At this point no one on Ocracoke seems particularly worried about sub-tropical storm Gabrielle. But islanders are keeping an eye on developments. The following information was sent by the Hyde County Emergency Management Coordinator:

Official Release of Information
Date: 09/08/07 @ 12:30AM
Event: Sub Tropical Storm – Gabrielle
Release: For Immediate Release - #2
Contact: Tony Spencer – 252-542-0805

Tropical Storm Watch Now In Effect for Hyde County

The National Hurricane Center has upgraded the former low pressure off our coast to Sub Tropical Storm Gabrielle. The first official forecast for the storm is to approach Cape Lookout Sunday early in afternoon and be directly over the southern Pamlico Sound around 8PM.

Current maximum winds are forecasted locally around 60MPH, sufficient to shut down public safety services. However, some uncertainty continues with a wide suggestion on intensities by the models, as well as time of curvature affecting point of landfall. Either way, the approach is aligned with both normal and astrological High Tide which could cause minor flooding. Rip currents and rough surf should be expected.

The Ocracoke Control Group will meet Saturday morning to review updated information. If necessary, the Hyde County Control Group may meet later in the day.

Residents and visitors to Hyde County should monitor the situation closely and make preparations for possible impact and disruption of public services in the storm approaches.

Tony Spencer, Emergency Management Coordinator
- - - -
Storm Preparation Initial Checklist:
(__) Check First Aid Kits / Fire Extinguishers
(__) Obtain medicines & prescriptions
(__) Check and fuel vehicles and generators
(__) Obtain Cash
(__) Make pet Arrangements
(__) Pick up loose items around the yard
(__) Protect vulnerable portions of property
(__) Obtain non-perishable food and water for 3+ days (5+ is recommended on Ocracoke)
(__) Obtain baby need or personal need items
(__) Check battery powered electronics and generators
(__) Assemble valuables and documents that cannot be replaced easily

This month's newsletter is a story of Captain Joe Burrus, last Ocracoke lighthouse keeper before the beacon was electrified and automated. You can read it here.


  1. I hope you'll be able to keep us posted. I visited Ocracoke in August and pretty much fell in love. I'm back home in Iowa, a long ways away, but my heart is there with you! I'll be reading your blog daily until I can get back. Thanks!

  2. Anonymous9:13 AM

    I am praying for ocracoke and everyone on the island, that damage will be minimal. We visit ocracoke every year and it has become like a second home to us. Be safe! Thanks, Annie