Thursday, September 03, 2009


Even with a northerly wind, which rippled the sound, and a fairly high tide, we had a wonderful time raking for clams yesterday morning. We gathered about 160 clams, mostly of medium size. There are many things that make clamming such a satisfying experience. As we walked slowly & quietly, pushing our rakes, there was nothing to disturb the peace, or interrupt the natural beauty of salt water, marsh grass, and cedars (save for the top of the Ocracoke lighthouse watching over our endeavors). Clamming provides time to think and reflect...while gathering the day's supper.

I kept three dozen clams. The rest went with the others I was with. As usual I opened them that afternoon and broiled them topped with bacon and Parmesan cheese. Amy and David came over, and we relaxed on the back porch while savoring the clams. With crackers and a glass of white wine we counted that our supper. I think we all just wanted to slide off of our chairs, but we rallied and walked to Deepwater Theater for our Wednesday night Opry performances.

Our latest Ocracoke Newsletter is a small photo album with historic pictures, including the aftermath of the 1944 hurricane, the 1921 Ghost Ship of the Outer Banks, the 1935 wreck of the Nomis, the Island Inn, the Methodist Church, and the Wahab Village Hotel. I've added a short paragraph under each photo to help put them in historical perspective. You can see the pictures by clicking here:


  1. Anonymous12:04 PM

    Now this Parmesan cheese you speak of-- did it come from a can or do you pay the big bucks for a wedge of the real thing?

  2. Anonymous12:08 PM

    I might add that if you google Parmesan cheese theft and read the Boston globe article some eyes may be opened.

  3. Anonymous9:17 PM

    YUMM! How do you prepare scallops?

  4. Two simple methods of preparing scallops are sauteing in butter (rolled in flour) and sprinkled with lemon juice and parsley; and fried (again rolled in flour & dipped in eggs) in hot grease until brown. See the Ocracoke Cookbook for details.

    More elaborate recipes can be found in the Back Porch Cookbook, and other cookbooks on our web site:

  5. Reading you clamming post made me want to hop down right now. I love walking the sound daydreaming & dragging my clam rake behind me. With nothing to think about except 'the clink' or 'the clunk' it is so relaxing & peaceful! And nothing tastes better than clams gathered & eaten the same day!