Sunday, September 06, 2009


Friday afternoon, while swimming in the sound, Lachlan and I were surprised to see a pod of dolphins passing by. They seemed close enough to swim out to, although they were moving at a good clip, which meant they would have been well past by the time I got to where they were (and of course I wouldn't have left Lachlan alone). We always have a fun time in the quiet waters along the sound shore. I like to pick Lachlan up and toss him in the water. He always comes up smiling and laughing. When he's had enough he says "uncle" and I quit.

Our latest Ocracoke Newsletter is a small photo album with historic pictures, including the aftermath of the 1944 hurricane, the 1921 Ghost Ship of the Outer Banks, the 1935 wreck of the Nomis, the Island Inn, the Methodist Church, and the Wahab Village Hotel. I've added a short paragraph under each photo to help put them in historical perspective. You can see the pictures by clicking here:

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