Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Low 70s

It's finally beginning to feel like fall, or least that fall is "around the corner." I've turned my A/C off and opened windows and doors. The temperature has been in the low 70s yesterday and today, with a northerly breeze. What a relief from the hot humid days of August. Of course we know it probably won't last. It never does. But we are all enjoying the beginning of a new season. Besides, the village is quieter now since schools have mostly re-opened. I suppose we'll have a crowd here this weekend. And then we'll settle down to a more relaxed few months.

Our latest Ocracoke Newsletter is a small photo album with historic pictures, including the aftermath of the 1944 hurricane, the 1921 Ghost Ship of the Outer Banks, the 1935 wreck of the Nomis, the Island Inn, the Methodist Church, and the Wahab Village Hotel. I've added a short paragraph under each photo to help put them in historical perspective. You can see the pictures by clicking here:


  1. Anonymous2:37 PM

    When do most shops and restaurants start to close? I was told by a shopkeeper on ocracoke that most of their income was from March to November. I hope they all had a profitable season and can relax now,... until next Spring.

  2. Anonymous6:45 AM

    While visiting a Florida Panhandle coastal resort area, I overhead the fishmonger telling a customer --after Labor Day it will be dead. Business vacationers will dry up. well this guy clerks the fish counter he is not ben Bernenke. This particular area has soo many RV parks and campsites filled with expensive homes on wheels in my estimation they will have a constant number due to the turn over-- these savvy elder hostle types spend two weeks here and there to volunteer around the park for free electricity and a site to set up "camp" -- America what a country. Gas prices are down, a health care reform bill/package that E. Kennedy had been floating since 1971 1971!!! will perhaps finally make it through congress - we voted for change and well brother please spare a dime.

  3. emmaocie10:10 AM

    It has been beautiful in Greensboro this week too! Temperatures in the low 60s! I love fall! :)

  4. Shops, galleries, and restaurants generally close in late fall. Some stay open year around, but most close after Thanksgiving. Typically at least one or two restaurants stay open, usually on an informal rotating basis.