Sunday, April 25, 2010

Art Linkletter

Art Linkletter's House Party was a TV program that aired from 1945 to 1967. One feature of the show was a segment called "Kids Say the Darndest Things." I was reminded of the show yesterday evening.

I had accompanied our Molasses Creek band to Portsmouth where they performed for the Homecoming. When we returned to Ocracoke we decided to gather at my house for dinner and an evening of socializing. Outside, my five year old grandson, Lachlan, plucked a yellow flower from the edge of the yard, and handed it to me as a gift.

"Lachlan," I said, "take it inside and put it in a glass of water to keep it fresh."

Lachlan just looked at me...and said "It's YOUR flower." And then he walked away.

This month's Ocracoke Newsletter is about "Ocracats" and was written by Pat Garber. You can read it here:

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  1. Anonymous11:05 AM

    LOL I just an article in my local paper about roadside wildflowers. The advice is too leave the flowers where they are as they will reseed and be more plentiful the following year. Thus more wildflowers to enjoy. It is suggested taking pictures -- that way it will last longer than being placed in a vase of water. Also, people plant cutting gardens with the intent to clip the zinnias and other blooms to bring inside to enjoy. So Perhaps a gentle reminder to your grandson about cutting or plucking daisies--- find a spot to plant flowers with that exact purpose of gathering them into bouquets to enjoy. The fact the Entire island has a historical value and those that live on the island are Stewards of the land every misstep can add up. ( even protecting a mere wild flower if it does not reseed then it will not grow next year why is it an different from a sea oat to prevent erosion!!!) For example, where I live the misguided neighbor that hatracks the crepe myrtle in their yard sets the wrong example for others to follow.

    Oh he is onl a child but the Earth is a fragile ecosystem best, he learn from Grandpa the right way to do things --- Be the Change you want to see in the World. M. Ghandi The change for the better i hope