Wednesday, April 21, 2010

An Ordeal

That's the best way I can describe it -- an ordeal.

A month ago I wrote that Lou Ann had ruptured a disc in Beijing. She had spent just over a week in the hospital in China. Finally we secured a first class, non-stop flight back to the states. I met her at the airport and spent the next two weeks caring for her (she couldn't walk, and was in excruciating pain) and carrying her to doctors and hospitals for consultations, x-rays, MRIs, and epidurals. About two weeks ago she had surgery (many thanks to her doctors, nurses, and other practitioners of modern medicine!), and is now pain free. She still has weakness and numbness in her left leg and foot, but she is recovering nicely.

I am back home (arrived on the island Sunday night), and Lou Ann is planning to be back on Ocracoke before the OcraFolk Festival in early June.

I am still catching up (mowing grass, cleaning debris from the demolition, paying bills, writing emails and letters, buying groceries, etc.). I plan to be on the beach this afternoon. Wave if you pass by.

This month's Ocracoke Newsletter is about "Ocracats" and was written by Pat Garber. You can read it here:


  1. Anonymous8:26 PM

    Welcome home. Glad to know that Lou Ann is feeling better. Enjoy your beach time..Looking forward to my own beach time in a few weeks..

  2. Anonymous8:53 AM

    With the Obama healthcare program --which does really anyone know about coverage ---other than the Senator from nebraska ---Is there a fund to donate to to help pay for the medical bills?

  3. No, there's no fund. Lou Ann has adequate health insurance, but thank you for asking.

  4. Anonymous7:41 PM

    I'm very happy to hear that Lou Ann is starting to feel much better after "her ordeal", as you wrote. Besides the wonderfully gifted medical folks who had a hand in helping Lou Ann, I suspect the Good Lord did His part, as well.

    Hope the rest of the year will be healthy and happy for you both!

  5. Anonymous11:11 AM

    I believe if Obama health care would have been in place she would still be waiting for a Dr who might see her next month or two.Thank goodness she had a good insurance now. I am from Canada, we have to come to the US to pay for treatment.
    It looks like grat weather down there.
    Good luck to you all. Especially to you Lou Ann.

  6. Anonymous6:00 AM

    Glad to hear Lou Ann is doing better! Mandy & I look forward to seeing you guys in June!

    Don & Mandy Davis