Thursday, April 08, 2010


All this week it has seemed more like August than April on the Eastern North Carolina mainland. Record high temperatures in the upper 80's and low 90's have been set. To the contrary, Ocracoke has enjoyed temperatures in the high 60's and low 70's. Now that IS spring. We've slept with windows and doors open to the wonderful sea-breezes and the sound of the ocean lulling us to sleep. The "Sea-Breeze" is what we have to thank for these delightful spring days. The "sea-breeze" is a circulation of air that develops due to the difference in the suns heating of the land and sea. There needs to be a sufficient contrast between land and sea surface temperatures for the sea-breeze to develop. The pressure gradient that develops as a result of this differential causes the movement of low-level air from the sea to the land (Sea-Breeze) with a return current aloft. This is a regular and welcome phenomenon which brings pleasant cooling to our island in both spring and summer. Another reason ( as if you needed one ) to visit our beautiful island.

This month's Ocracoke Newsletter is about "Ocracats" and was written by Pat Garber. You can read it here:

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  1. Anonymous9:29 AM

    Indeed! How well I know that you folks on Ocracoke Island were delighting in the cooler, spring-like weather while folks such as myself were perspiring to much-to-early summer temperatures and sneezing thanks to tons of pollen!

    Daily, I would check the contrasting temps between the NC mainland (specifically, the northern Piedmont) and Ocracoke. And, I would become quite jealous that Ocracoke offered not just the stunning natural beauty for all to enjoy in early April, but also such pleasant temperatures while a ferry boat ride and 225 miles away, I was suffering!

    With hesitation and realizing defeat, I turned on my central air conditioner just to avoid the heat and to discourage a layer of thick pollen from entering my house from open windows!

    Yep! Oh, I KNOW you blessed folks on Ocracoke Island were not suffering from the balmy heat this past week.

    However, I guess upon reflection, I realize that the lovely weather couldn't have happened to any nicer folks!

    So, Philip, enjoy the comfortable temps while you can! Oh, by the way, there was frost here in the northern Piedmont of NC this morning. My air conditioner is quiet now!