Thursday, April 29, 2010

Knots & Splices

It's always a good idea to know a few simple knots -- overhand, square, bowline, sheet bend. And it's not a bad idea to be able to splice. Yesterday I decided to replace the chains on my porch swing with rope and I needed to make a simple eye splice. It's been years since I've spliced rope, and my immediate thought was to just ask my dad. Of course, my dad's been dead seven years...and Fowler's no longer with us either. But it only took a quick Google search to find clear directions.

Lachlan's too young to teach many knots to. He can't even tie his shoes yet! But I guess it's not too early to at least show him a few different knots. Maybe by the time he's a teenager he won't need the Internet to be able to tie a square knot.

A Boat Fender My Dad Made Many Years Ago:

(Click on photo to view larger image.)

Our latest Ocracoke Newsletter celebrates colorful islander Don Wood (1936-1998). You can read it here:

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