Friday, November 19, 2010

Blackbeard's Crew Returns to Ocracoke

Blackbeard's pirate crew is scheduled to be back on the island tomorrow. A number of those scalawags are here already. Dressed in tricorn hats, capes, boots, and waistcoats...with swords, pistols, and mugs suspended from their belts, they are accompanied by their women (some of who are also pirates).

Two years ago they were on Ocracoke to remember their fallen brethren, Blackbeard and his men, who were killed at Teach's Hole November 22, 1718. This year they are back again. If you are on the island be sure to stop by Blackbeard's Lodge at 1 o'clock tomorrow where they will gather for their procession to Springer's Point.

Follow along as they make their way to the shore. There you can listen to their proclamations and watch as they salute the dead with pistols and cannons.

Below are a few photos from the 2008 event. You can click on any photo to view a larger image.


Click on the photo below to view our selection of easy-to-play musical instruments from Village Craftsmen's online catalog.

Our latest Ocracoke Newsletter is an article, with a number of photos, documenting the history of water cisterns on Ocracoke Island. Click on the following link to go directly there:


  1. Anonymous2:02 PM

    Thanks for the pictures. The last photo is Spinger's Point, I assume--is that Teach's Hole? Didn't there used to be a lot more foliage there?

  2. Anonymous2:52 PM

    SORRY--make that Sp-R-inger--didn't want you to think I was'nt edumacated.

  3. That is, indeed, Springer's Point...well almost. Actually Springer's is behind the person taking the photo. This picture is looking back toward the village. Teach's Hole is also behind the picture taker. That's pretty much how it looks down there, although there is a larger stand of trees (including a number of impressive live oaks) on the Point proper.

  4. Anonymous3:28 PM

    Another silly, unrelated question ... if an Ocracoke resident has a reservation on the last ferry of the day back from Cedar Island, and the ferry can't run for whateve reason, do they just have to wait for an open reservaation to return or is there room for a couple of extra vehicles?

  5. Anonymous4:44 PM

    If the last ferry can't run, you must wait for the first ferry the next day. Or do the long drive around (300 miles).

  6. If the last ferry can't run, then, of course, you'd have to wait until the next day. And frankly I don't know how the ferry personnel handle that if the next ferry is completely booked.

  7. Anonymous9:31 AM

    Getting back to the colorful Blackbeard's pirates in that's an event you wouldn't see on an average day in most places! Wow!

    Springer's Point is a wonderful and magical place to be. The majestic old live oaks form a huge canopy. I always feel like Alice in Wonderland when I enter that amazing forest. I visited it again last month and it's very special to me. One also has to sit awhile under the live oaks. Sam Jones and his horse won't mind! :)

    However, a word of caution, just be sure to bring along some bug spray if it has recently rained. Of course, hardy pirates just breathe on the bugs and the bugs succumb!!

    Thanks for sharing....