Monday, November 01, 2010

Trick or Treat

Last night I joined Lachlan (and Amy & David, and neighbors) trick or treating down Lighthouse Road. For many years Lighthouse Road has been the primary trick or treat destination for island children. The street was crowded with witches, gladiators, jellyfish, vampires, gypsies, bananas, and even a ghost or two.

Along the way I invited a couple of people over to my house after the children were back home. About a dozen folks stopped by, and we sat out on my pizer chatting and telling stories. It's still warm here, so most of us were wearing t-shirts or other summer clothing. It was such a pleasant evening...hardly any mosquitoes, no humidity...just a delightful opportunity to spend time with neighbors and enjoy being part of a close knit community.

Our latest Ocracoke Newsletter is an article, with a number of photos, documenting the history of water cisterns on Ocracoke Island. Click on the following link to go directly there:


  1. How great. I don't celebrate Halloween but it would be worth it just for the fellowship & (of course) living on the island. How great to spend the end of the day - on your pizer.

  2. Anonymous9:55 AM

    When will you be closing for the season? My friends and I will be visiting next week and would love to stop by and say "hello."

  3. Anonymous9:58 AM

    Ocracoke Halloween brought back great memories of my childhood. I grew up in a very small (approx 500 inhabitants) hamlet in the Finger Lakes region of New York. After the youth trick or treat, the adults would meet at my parents home to enjoy their halloween. Being raised in a small community we had to depend on one another for entertainment, lively discussions, holidays, etc. Still remember the Saturday night square dances at the volunteer fire department. The Thanksgiving feasts were always the best-everyone participated at my great aunt & uncle's huge farm. Lot's of food and us kids would put on a play with singing/dancing. Fortunately this happy litte town is still that way. However, my parent's generation are gone but my generation (55-65) have purchased the grand homes to remodel, and carry on the traditions they were raised with. Can't beat small town living and values. Also, this is why I love Ocracoke's quaintness and easiness-I visit at least 3 times a year (I've lived in North Carolina for 35 years). Philip, thanks for bringing Halloween memories back.

  4. Anonymous10:31 AM

    Makes you wonder how it was on Ocracoke before electricity-Had to be really scary walking arround in the dark with so many graveyards! Have any interesting stories to share?

  5. Village Craftsmen's fall schedule is: Open Tuesday - Sunday, 10-5 (closed Monday). However, we will be open on Monday, Nov. 22 & Monday, Nov. 29. We will be closed Thanksgiving day.

    The schedule might change after Thanksgiving, although we will be open in December (but closed a few days before Christmas and Christmas day). We will close for about 10 weeks in early 2011.

    Check our home page periodically for more up to date information.

  6. I often walk down Howard Street after dark, with graveyards always close by. Ghosts and spooks never worry me...but just the other night I stepped into the inky blackness of Howard Street from the School Road, and could not see my hand in front of my face. What concerned me was being run over by a bicycle without a I walked down the lane, feeling like an escapee from a mental institution, yelling into the void, "Don't run over me...I'm walking down the lane...yoo hoo...I'm here...Be careful...Don't hit me...," etc.

  7. Anonymous11:18 AM

    Pogo said "we have met the enemy it is Us." why would not a resident accept the fact the inky darkness requires a flashlight in hand or a light on a bike ???? or you could have a bike bell attached to your walking stick with reflective tape-- ringing your bell, thus giving the fear of colliding with a bike. However I can appreciate the image of you shouting into the void We have nothing to fear but fear it self. But the sounds of howling coyotes and galvanized metal dish pans being dropped in the dead of night as trick or treaters approach a home is great fun

  8. Anonymous12:20 PM

    Too funny!! I'd be really interested in reading about the early traditions. Nothing I've read ever included Halloween . Any help?

  9. Anonymous1:12 PM

    I need to move to Lawton LN! The mosquitoes just about carried me away last night (both Down Point and Up Trent)! You were lucky to enjoy your evening bug-free. I was lucky to be here slapping mosquitoes and scratching bites.

  10. Trisha3:23 PM

    Phil - you should be glad there are so many pot holes on Howard street! Lighthouse Rd can be very dark on a night without the moon and the cyclists come tearing down there at full speed. While walking my dogs I'm always worried that the dog's leash will snag a cyclist who might then crash on me or the dogs. argh! I usually wear a headlamp, but if I'm faced the other direction, they still cannot see far enough ahead to avoid a potential catastrophe. Very spooky!

  11. I was at Avon last Halloween and it was a wonderful time. I'd love to know more Halloween traditions on Ocracoke also. I bet it was very spooky on Howard Street in the DARK!!

  12. Anonymous6:16 PM

    The joys of walking around Ocracoke in the dark can not be overstated. Preferably in dark clothes. Preferably on the night of a new moon. Alone. Maybe even a quick tromp down to Springer's Point...(Oh, don't tell Len)

  13. Anonymous12:21 PM

    a simple solution to not disturbing someones solitude on an inky black night use Night Vision goggles a search on finds many reasonably priced when considering the high teck nature of this product vs a radio shack flash light-- this is the 21st century you know --technology has affected how we watch tv use a computer talk on a "phone" and cook

    (microwave) so why would not a simple walk be affected people say they are camping when they drive a 3 bedroom, kitchen equipped wreckreational vehicle

  14. Anonymous12:27 PM

    There are communities that require lights on bikes --it is a safety issue if someone rides a bike at night and does not willfully use a light it is showing a lack of concern to fellow members of the community. this leash you speak of a few cyclists colliding with a dog on a 12ft retractable leash will boost the sales of bicycle lights real fast I betcha. if such a collision occurs how can the courts fine the dog walker any lawyers out there make sure you PIP insurance.