Friday, September 30, 2011

Food Bank of the Albemarle

Vote here (before midnight tonight) to bring 30,000 pounds of food to Eastern North Carolina:

The last time I looked, Food Bank of the Albemarle was just 38 votes behind the main contender. If everyone reading this blog would vote right now (or at least before midnight tonight) the food might come to Eastern NC.

Here is some information from Hyde County:

"As September comes to a close, the Food Bank of the Albemarle is reminding everyone about a contest that could earn 30,000 pounds of food for our area.

According to a release from the Foodbank, Tyson Foods, Inc. is sponsoring a program to help food banks serving 10 of the most food insecure areas across the country. The 15-county region served by the Food Bank of the Albemarle is one of those areas, and the impact of this possible donation by Tyson cannot be overstated."

You can read more here:!/TysonHungerRelief

And you can vote here:


  1. Anonymous11:31 AM

    I voted about one hour ago!!!! Hope the Albemarle F.B. area will be the leader and win!!! WE CAN DO IT FELLOW BLOGGERS!!!!!!! Just takes a few seconds of your time!

    Thanks to all who are voting from a NC mainlander who cares for those folks along the coast and down east counties!

  2. Anonymous3:07 PM

    Like to help, but not on facebook-any other way?

  3. I think the only way to vote is as a member of Facebook. Thanks anyway.

  4. Please see my Saturday, October 1 post ("Early Morning Thoughts").