Saturday, September 03, 2011

Square Dance

Just for fun, we've planned a traditional Ocracoke Island Square Dance Sunday night (Sept. 4) at 7 pm at the Community Center. It is FREE...and EVERYONE is invited.

If you are on the island, please spread the word. The dance is easy to learn (if you can walk, you can do it -- no fancy steps!). We'll have live music and lots of fun.

Please bring your own snacks.

See you there!


  1. Anonymous6:35 PM

    There you go and Dosey Doe!

    Sounds like the spirit of Ocracoke Island is alive and well. A square dance will help relieve the tension of the past week and some good old laughter will make everyone feel so much better!

    Start calling, Philip!

  2. Anonymous7:14 PM

    Grab yer partner!

  3. Stargazr9:37 PM

    Love to be there!

  4. Hooray!!! You know I'm thrilled to hear this - see you there!

  5. Anonymous10:56 PM

    Alamande Left - swing your partner do-se-do.
    I was raised in a very small community in upstate New York. The village was centered around the Baptist church & the volunteer fire department. Every Saturday night was a square dance above the fire (hall) department.
    Learned to square dance at age 7. Can still remember he dust rising from the hardwood floors.
    Love small-town, home-grown livin' at it's best. This is why I love Ocracoke.
    LuAnn would love to do a story on Clifton, New York.

  6. I love it! That's what I call a real brainstorm (pun intended).

  7. This post cheered me, as have several others. The news on the outside ("from away") is almost non-existent; if you're planning a square dance this soon, things must not be too bad. Keep in mind that there's LOTS of us out here hungry for news of how Ocracoke weathered Irene.
    Rick and Anne, frequent visitors

  8. Peggy5:30 PM

    Square dancing was the only activity in high school gym class, besides volleyball that I actually liked! Do-si-do!

  9. Anonymous12:35 PM

    Love to be there. I can walk, but unfortunately I can't swim.

  10. Anonymous12:36 PM

    Hated to miss it-bet it was a hoot!

  11. To anon 10:56. I am curious about your comment. Tell me about your town...or just send a blog or website so that I can 'see inside' this community. Lou Ann

  12. The square dance (it is actually a "big circle dance) was lots of fun. Some of the island teenagers even came dressed up in vests, neckties, and hats! When I complimented them on their costumes they said "What costumes?"

  13. Anonymous9:52 AM


  14. Anonymous9:55 AM

    It was just what everyone needed. :)


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