Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Unofficial Update & Ways to Help Hatteras Island

At 1 o'clock this afternoon islanders gathered at the Community Center to hear about Ocracoke Civic & Business Association plans to let off-islanders know the details when Ocracoke is again open to visitors.

Although the mainline electric power has been restored, it is only because "temporary" poles have been erected to span the "new inlet" on Hatteras Island. Tideland Electric Coop wants to test the system for at least 24-36 hours before giving the go-ahead to re-open Ocracoke.

We are expecting official word about the situation sometime this evening, after our County Commissioners meet and come to a decision. Look for a report here later today or early tomorrow morning.

In the meanwhile please click on the link below for information about ways to help our neighbors on Hatteras Island, many of whom have lost their homes and possessions to flooding from hurricane Irene


The following link gives information about food donations for Hatteras Island:



  1. Anonymous5:19 PM

    Philip, What can you tell us about "Hurricane Relief Day" - Thursday, September 8 at 11:00am at Books to be Red?

  2. This is the first I've heard of "Hurricane Relief Day." Maybe another reader has more information.

  3. Anonymous5:33 PM

    Leslie Lanier says: "Help Hatteras, Help you, Help Us - Donate an item for the Hatteras Island villages & receive 20% off gift items. This is a great opportunity to do your wedding, shower, birthday & Christmas shopping. (Good excuse to drink wine & shop.)"

  4. Anonymous5:36 PM

    Drink wine and shop? Count me in.

  5. Philip -thanks for your journal! Loved your "Perspective"
    Was supposed to be there 8/26 :(

    More importantly, you all are OK. The people on O'coke & HI are incredible spirits

    Facebook has been a blessing in keeping-up.
    Hopefully can reschedule in a few weeks

  6. Joan Bridges6:23 PM

    Philip, I found your website today and it's given us the most information we've been able to get from anyone. We're supposed to come on the 11th and haven't been able to find out if the Island will be open or not. Thanks for the great update!

  7. Anonymous9:16 PM

    Can anybody update me about what was said during the meeting? Are people allowed on Ocracoke?

  8. Anonymous9:28 PM

    Leslie Lanier Tweeted Open 5pm Wednesday. Which really means Thursday because of the Ferry Schedule.

  9. As of 9:40 pm I have not heard any official word about decisions the County Commissioners may have made. I am going to bed. Will post tomorrow when I hear any news.

  10. thanks Philip - rest well....Well deserved rest!!

  11. The island is open to all starting today at 5:00 pm, according to article in Va Pilot. Access is via Swan Quarter or Cedar Island ferries.

  12. Sundae Horn10:28 AM

    We're getting ready to welcome visitors back starting tomorrow. If you'd like to help our Hatteras Island neighbors, both Books to Be Red and the Back Porch restaurant are collecting items and getting them delivered to Hatteras. The link that Philip posted lists all the items that are desperately needed. Thanks to Daphne at the BP and Leslie at BTBR for organizing the donations!

  13. Please see my post for 9/7/11 with a list of needed items. You can bring any donations to Village Craftsmen, Books to be Red, or the Back Porch, and we will see that they are taken to Hatteras.