Thursday, September 01, 2011

Questions...and Answers

Last night before I went to bed I scrolled through about one hundred emails from the last several days (I have many more to look at). It was my first opportunity to read most of them. Again, many thanks for your comments during hurricane Irene. We appreciate your thoughts and are humbled by your concern.

A few readers had questions. I will answer several here...and others in the next day or so. (I am just giving my answer...not the original question [unless the question could not be determined]).

-- In the last several days some of our posts have had 250 or more pageviews.
-- Although I haven't heard any official report, I believe the ponies are all OK. I drove down there yesterday afternoon, and everything looked fine.
-- I also walked several miles on the beach. We found a number of seashells. Starfish were scattered all along the beach. I have also heard that some folks who went beachcombing immediately after the storm (they probably didn't have trees down like I did) picked up hundreds of scotch bonnets.
-- We still don't know when full electric power will be restored to we don't know when visitors will be allowed back on the island.
-- There must be a number of charities dedicated to helping victims of hurricane Irene. The Red Cross comes immediately to mind. They have always been among the first to respond when Ocracoke needed help. You might also check out
-- Amy & David did not try to shield Lachlan from news of the impending storm, but they didn't display panic. I believe he understood the situation, but was not traumatized by it.
-- We are watching Katia...and hoping she stays far out to sea!
-- Tree limbs, leaves, and twigs are carried to the "dump." As you can imagine it has been a busy place. They have a chipper there to cut up branches and limbs. The mulch is offered free to islanders for their gardens. I save large logs, especially oak, and give them away to folks who have wood stoves. Some islanders gather cedar logs for carving and other craft projects.
-- School begins today!
-- I have not been to Springer's Point, and have not heard if any of the trees there sustained any damage. Maybe one of our readers has an update on Springer's.
-- I have not heard anything about Portsmouth Island either. In fact I heard that no one has been over there yet. I believe Dave Frum is scheduled to go on Monday. Perhaps someone will let us know what the situation is there as soon as information is available.
-- I believe Merle was here for the storm. I have not seen her, but I have seen her vehicle, so I think she is fine.
-- I drove into Jackson Dunes yesterday, and did not see any significant damage. I am guessing it weathered the storm like the rest of the island...very well.

Thanks again for your concerns. I will post more tomorrow.  


  1. Ponies - I also heard that the ponies are fine. The fire department delivered water to them via tanker.

    However, I also heard that we lost five (5) turtle nests on the beach. I assume they were completely washed away.

  2. Anonymous6:49 AM a word, "THANKS". You continue to amaze your bloggers. Such good and honest information on your blog today.I've read it twice already. Makes me feel "I'm there" more so than just in my heart. I said "Wow!" when you mentioned starfish and lots of Scotch bonnets were discovered along the beach!

    Michael, good to know the O.I. ponies made it through Irene. Hats off to the fire dept for taking fresh water to the ponies. However, your news concerning the turtle nests is sad to hear. Not surprising, though, when one considers all the powerful waves which surely washed that area of the beach.

    Just a note to add to Philip's good word regarding organizations which one can donate in the aftermath of Irene. In addition to the American Red Cross, I have heard news that the Salvation Army and NC Baptist Men have been helping NC storm victims from the coast to inland.

    Hope all there will have a good, encouraging day filled with hope and joy. The temperature has been delightful, especially in the evenings, in Person county, NC this week. There is a "hint" of fall in the air. I've noticed the weather temps on O.I. have also been lovely.

  3. Anonymous7:11 AM

    Oh, I meant to add that the NC Ferry Service web-site also has some amazing photos (links) of the various breached areas along the Outer Banks. There is a photo or two of Ocracoke Highway #12. Worth checking it out and one can also read the up-to-date twitter messages and other accurate info concerning ferry service.

  4. I am so glad to have discovered your site. It's the only way I have to know what is happening there and feels good to be connected. Thanks for all the updates. We didn't get there this summer and are really missing Ocracoke!

  5. Anonymous8:45 AM

    Wow--spectacular view from the Silver Lake Harbor webcam at 845 a.m. this morning:

  6. Anonymous8:48 AM

    Another source of photos, of the entire Outer Banks, was posted yesterday on the Facebook page of Outer Beaches Realty, The National Geodetic Survey took high altitude, high resolution photos.

    Good enough resolution that I can tell that I didn't lose any shingles on my Avon cottage

  7. Philip, thank you so much for continuing to update your blog and to give us all news. I know how hard it is fielding all the e-mails and providing information when a disaster strikes, on top of the fatigue of dealing with things day by day.

  8. Anonymous9:39 AM

    Thanks you early bird! Hope your day goes well! SueM

  9. Anonymous10:44 AM

    For being so generous with your most precious time... thank you.

  10. I have searched and searched for a starfish without luck. I only have 1 whole scotch bonnet, but plenty of sanddollars and other seashells. Although no one wants a storm to find them, they will probably be well used.

  11. Blogger Buddy2:06 PM

    SueM-Notice you blog daily as I do-also you respond to other bloggers, so maybe you'd appreciate this tip I just learned since you sign your name anyway-When I don't wish to be anon.I don't press anon. - press (name) type Sue M (no email or URL requ.) your name will be at top in larger letters like the one following yours & you won't need to sign.

  12. Anonymous4:51 PM

    Blogger Buddy....I am not Sue, but I learned something new. Thanks for the tip. Maybe this Person county, NC mainlander will reveal her name one day. Hmmmmnnnn.....

    Is it me, or has the font/print size change? I like it!


    Anon.4:51 Not your imagination-smaller than this am. I've seen font changes before. Thanks for comment.

  14. Terri O.6:14 PM

    Philip, glad you came through the storm ok and will soon get to catch up on some much-needed rest.
    Many still without power here in the Richmond,VA area. Many trees still down on lines and homes. Over 7,000 crews working on it. We were very fortunate at our house. Just large limbs and "tree trash" to clean up. Hope Ocracoke gets back to normal soon.