Tuesday, September 06, 2011


Hurricane Irene has come and gone...and most of us have finished (or nearly finished) our clean up. There are still a few piles of downed tree limbs here and there, one or two boats that need a little repair, and some shingles not yet replaced, but most of the repairs have been made.

And the invasions have begun! Almost everyone I talk with is complaining of ants..."highways" of ants climbing up walls, across kitchen counters, inside cupboards. They are marching and pillaging. And they are difficult to eradicate.

The mosquitoes are just as bad. The briefest few moments outside attracts a bevy of large voracious blood suckers. By the time you rush indoors your bare legs and arms are smeared with blood, and look like battlefields.  Happily, the island mosquito control program is being implemented. In a few days we shall have conquered those flying nuisances, and I can enjoy my pizer once more.

Our latest Ocracoke Newsletter is a history of the marine hospital on Portsmouth Island. You can read it here: http://www.villagecraftsmen.com/news082111.htm.


  1. Anonymous7:46 AM

    Yes, for the first time ever - I cheered when the misquito truck went by this morning, and hope they come back this afternoon. And please, whoever sent their pet ants to my house - call them home. They are trying to take over! But life is good. Lots of treasures and debris on beach.

  2. Here in Northern Virginia, the ants can get out of control too--especially after heavy rains. I've started tracing their trails back to the cracks in the floorboards or windowsills where they're coming in and sprinkling a little baby powder there. They go away quickly and stay away!

  3. Anonymous8:28 AM


    When the dust of Irene--and the mosquitoes--settles a bit, would you please expound on island mosquito control?

    In your post you say it is being implemented. Does this suggest mere resumption of a regular, ongoing program, or is this something that's done only in extreme situations?


  4. How was the square dance Sunday evening? We had so much fun participating this summer on the 4th of July. Great memories!

  5. Anonymous9:48 AM

    Ants? Mosquitoes? What's next? Golf carts? Tourists?

  6. Anonymous9:53 AM

    Read Philip's com. at end of "Square Dance" post.

  7. Anonymous9:54 AM

    Good luck!

  8. Sarah McKnight11:36 AM

    A natural remedy that I have sworn by since using myself is tea made from wormwood. The same stuff that absinthe is made from. It tastes foul and bitter, but after drinking 2 very watered down glasses ( to help lessen the taste) I didn't get bitten once! And I have very pale irish legs with scars from being particularly tasty to bugs. I will be sure to bring a large supply down with me on the 17th!
    I imagine the bitterness makes you taste bad as well. :-)

  9. Anonymous11:39 AM

    Terro has always helped eradicate ants when they've invaded our house. They're small clear plastic traps filled with some poison sugary goodness that they can't resist. Hope you can find some on the island or have some sent out. Can't imagine the mosquitos ...ugh...we were nearly eaten alive at springers point the first wk of august...they're probably mad and mean after induring Irene. Hope you get some relief soon!

  10. Terri O.12:44 PM

    Another "home" remedy. Listerine, no really. The original gold does fine. I put it in a small spray bottle, you can mix some water with it if you want to. It works in my yard and worked great on Ocracoke this summer. You will smell like Listerine for a little while but, there are worse things to smell like! :) Possibly the alcohol keeps them away?

  11. Anonymous5:00 PM

    Hate'em, too!

  12. Anonymous5:21 PM

    SARAH...Please-- no-- don't bring any with you... Can't handle the ones we already have! :) Sorry that was such an ambiguous statement I couldn't resist.