Sunday, October 02, 2011

NC Highway 12

According to an article on the web site, "NCDOT officials estimated Friday [September 30, 2011] that the roadway [NC Highway 12 on the Outer Banks] will be fully reopened by Oct. 15."

This means, of course, that the 662-foot, two-lane, temporary causeway which spans the new inlet at Rodanthe is scheduled for completion by mid-October. NCDOT spokeswoman Greer Beaty is quoted as saying, "When we say temporary, that means it can last years and years. Temporary does not mean, like, six months. It can mean a decade if it has to. What we mean is it's made of metal and it's in a coastal environment and, after a series of 10, 20 years, metal will corrode with the saltwater. So it is not a permanent solution for that location."

Nevertheless, this is good news for Hatteras and Ocracoke Islands. 

You can read the entire article here:

Our latest Ocracoke Newsletter is the story of slavery on Ocracoke. You can read it here:


  1. Anonymous8:14 AM

    Great news! Does this mean the Hatteras to OI ferry will be operational? The reports that OBX will be one of the recipients of the Tyson food-are they true?

  2. The Hatteras to Ocracoke ferry is operating as I write, even though Hwy 12 is closed at Rodanthe.

    I haven't heard anything official about the Tyson's Food Facebook voting.

  3. Yipee! It is so distressing, though, to read the nasty comments at the end of the article about tax dollars spent to repair the damage. Do we not do the same thing for other natural disasters like tornadoes, floods and earthquakes? Sorry, I think that is a legitimate way to spend our money! God bless all the folks on the OBX!

  4. Anonymous8:54 AM

    Philip, have the visitors come back to Ocracoke? Do you expect to have 75% or so of the average fall traffic this year? And have the usual businesses and restaurants stayed open?