Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A Picture...

...is worth a thousand words. Lou Ann took this photo when we were out in the boat this past summer. It is one of my very favorites. Enjoy!

(Click on photo to view a larger image.)

Our latest Ocracoke Newsletter is the story of slavery on Ocracoke. You can read it here: http://www.villagecraftsmen.com/news092111.htm.


  1. Anonymous7:37 AM

    Philip, from this angle, I feel like I'm riding in the boat with you and Lou Ann, smelling the salt air. What a fantastic shot! Life jackets within reach, but not needed on this trip. Thanks!

  2. debbie s.11:43 AM

    Thank you for that picture this morning philip. i needed that :)

  3. Anonymous12:30 PM

    Someone should e-mail that to the instructor of the water safety class.Or the Coast Guard. Highly trained men and women risk their lives on a daily basis to save people that well are thoughtless perhaps, possess a devil may care attitude, think they know better-- that's wasted space-- the beer cooler should be in there.

  4. Anonymous12:45 PM

    Please post more pictures of the this wonderful boat!

  5. Anonymous4:21 PM

    Personally I'd like to see a wash tub full of recently raked clams!

  6. A picture of a basket of clams is coming soon!

  7. Go to this link for more pictures of the boat: http://villagecraftsmen.blogspot.com/2010/05/launch.html

  8. Are there any photographers out there? I would love to hear comments on the composition on the photo?

  9. Anonymous7:01 PM

    Lou Ann -- Some of us can't even spell composition. The photo looks "mighty purty" to me.


  10. Hi Lou Ann,
    I love this photo from both the aesthetic and technical aspects. It has lovely depth with the clouds in the background. It also has a continuity and balence with comfortable color variations that are pleasing to the eye. The subject matter and crispness both convey an atmosphere and feeling that can be experienced by the viewer.

    Although I have never taken any classes in photo composition, I try to "capture" something that conveys a mood, atmosphere, or experience. I might go through a thousand exposures to acquire similar results to what you have here.

    This is my first forey into art criticism and I hope that I am on the right track.

    Thank you for sharing the photo.

    Bear MacDonald

  11. Bear, thanks a lot...it sounds as if you know what you are talking about! I entered this photo in a contest a few weeks ago, let's hope they agree!

  12. Anonymous1:46 AM

    Just read comments on the link posted above re. more boat photos, a review of which begs the question: So, did you ever end up naming the boat?

    Also, before posting comment #1, above, this morning ("Classic"), I'd just viewed the Silver Lake Harbor webcam and thought, "The image of the harbor and these boats is so picturesque it looks as if it should be on a jigsaw puzzle." And then I went on to discover the image of Philip's boat, which struck me as nautically--and photographically--classic.

  13. Anonymous3:07 AM

    Lou Ann, how is the pumpkin up in the tree contest going-- any entries yet??

  14. Anonymous3:26 AM

    The brown board is distracting, the yellow rope could have been neater thus creating another geometric shape - a circle, if you are appealing to a mathematical mind it has potential, the Piccaso like colorful jumble of personal flotation devices attracts the eye, on another level the story the photo may conjure up in the mind of a viewer could be disconcerting. The bow of the boat points to the sky but there is such a small amount of the sky and the ocean. the intense color of the horizon is riveting, but the juxtapostion of the boat dominating the image whereas in reality the boat is a speck on the sea. This alone would appeal to some folk.

  15. The board was floating in the water, and Philip stopped the boat to pick it up and put it in the boat. (He is always picking things up...pieces of trash, etc.)
    The essays are due this weekend for the pumpkin in the tree contest! Lots and lots of entries!

  16. Anonymous9:34 AM

    it looks like a scene from an abandon ship

  17. Anonymous9:54 AM

    Hey, Anon 3:26 AM, did not the lady ask for feedback from photographers? Your credentials, if you please?


  18. I have not named my boat. Maybe some day, but I guess I don't feel any great need right now.

  19. Anonymous1:51 PM

    9:54AM demands credentials. LOL What about 9:54 Am stating their "credentials" to judge another's if he can bear to do such a thing. I have visited art museums in Chattanooga, Savannah, Jacksonville, Tampa St. Petersburg, been on Salvisor Dali docent led tours listened to Sister Wendy, I have had photos published in
    University newsletters and newspapers. I don't have to explain myself--. Judge ye not less ye be judged . Any one these days is a photographer these days the Hubble Telescope captures images for crying out loud Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. The contest does it have picture categories --usually babies dogs cats or flags will win

  20. Anonymous2:02 PM

    Good luck with the contest. both that is. Incidentally Ansel Adams--( 9:54am) art museum tours are a great way to get insight into art, free lectures on a local college campus are great places to reconnect with art. I need to get back to another creative pursuit of mine strip quilting--hey I am wearing clothes -- get your mind out of the gutter. I want to know what kind of underwear the underwear bomber was wearing-- next to me I like my BVDs

  21. Anonymous10:10 PM

    Ahh, 151p, I (954a) did not "demand" credentials, I merely requested yours--and with a smiley-emoticon-cherry-on-top to boot, per the initial request for feedback from "photographers."

    And I certainly claimed no credentials to judge, nor expressed any judgment re. your assessment of the photo (nor even claimed to be a photographer myself, 202p), although I DO have an opinion of your thoughts.

    But you know what they say about opinions.


  22. Anonymous9:27 AM

    Lou Ann: You should print your photo as a postcard, or better yet note cards. I'd buy them.

  23. Anonymous11:46 AM

    What a country, freedom is not free. God bless the Bill of Rights. Photography these days is well there is photoshop-- things can disappear then appear. What a fantastic image to practice on ( lovin the brown board- hatin' on the board??) there is a photographer based in appalachicola florida Check out Richard Bickel for similar subject matter he has a web site