Saturday, October 08, 2011


October 9th to 15th is Fire Prevention Week. We salute Ocracoke's Volunteer Fire Department. Many thanks to all of our dedicated fire fighters!

I remember a fire on Ocracoke in the mid-1950s. An outbuilding was in flames. There was no fire department back then. Neighbors formed a bucket brigade. If I remember correctly, they weren't able to save the building, but they did prevent the fire from spreading to nearby buildings and trees.

Ocracoke got its first fire truck and fire department building in the 1960s. It took a while to form a well trained and disciplined team, but today we have an outstanding group prepared to protect our community whenever a fire threatens.

The Ocracoke Volunteer Fire Department is holding an open house this Sunday, October 9, at the firehouse from 2:00 to 4:00. Everyone will be able to look over the trucks and equipment - maybe even sound a siren or blow an air horn. There will be a display of safety ideas, videos, drinks, fire helmets for the little Fire Fighters, and more. The little Fire Fighters can even have some nozzle time with a real fire hose and spray some water!

Everyone is invited to come out and take part in the open house. All ages are welcome.

Our latest Ocracoke Newsletter is the story of slavery on Ocracoke. You can read it here:


  1. Debbie Leoanrd6:47 AM

    When I visit the island I always go play Bingo at the fire's great fun and the money goes to a great cause!

  2. Anonymous7:52 AM

    That's a great idea, Debbie....I haven't played bingo, but I have donated money in the glass jars which are usually placed in Ocracoke area businesses.

    One can't say enough about the OVFD. I always feel safer when I'm on the island just knowing the trained men/women are there to assist in any fire.

    Philip, I hope it will be a great turn out. I love the community spirit that Ocracoke Island residents and visitors share together.

  3. Anonymous1:52 PM

    Someone should get whites t-shirts and paint black spots on them to then where to the open house. Who let the dogs out?

  4. Anonymous6:39 PM

    :) I like that idea, Anon 1:52!