Wednesday, May 15, 2013

A Not-Quite-Forgotten Skill

When I was a teenager my father taught me how to splice rope. I don't use this skill often, but every now and again it comes in handy. A few days ago I needed to replace several dock lines for my boat. One of them needed a brass hook attached to the end. I needed to put an eye splice in the line.

Eye Splice

 I haven't taught Lachlan how to splice yet, but he can tie a bowline (with a little help sometimes!).

Our latest Ocracoke Newsletter is the story of our island Post Office. You can read it here:


  1. Anonymous8:55 AM

    A piece of rope walks into a bar.
    Bartender eyes the rope, and barks " Hey,we don't serve to your kind. Leave!"

    The rope walks out of the bar. Around the corner the rope stops. It Starts to toss and turn unraveling a loose end and twisting into a knot.

    Returning to the bar to order a drink. The bartender says "Hey. Aren't you that rope I sent packing?"

    The rope replies " Sir, I'm a frayed knot"

  2. Anonymous12:12 PM

    Any new developments regarding the House fire a few years ago. The British Cemetery Road house fire.. has a settlement been reached?

    1. I'm not sure what has transpired, but it seems that some private settlement has been reached, since there hasn't been any "news" to speak of.

  3. Anonymous1:53 PM

    Philip, you made me get my book of knots out for a's kinda fun. Thanks

  4. debbie s.10:21 AM

    I can barely tie my shoes. LOL ;)

  5. marci mason6:57 PM

    I spliced rope 50 years ago when I took sailing lessons.....I would love to do this again.....please let me know if you decide to do it this summer...I will be at the wagon wheel june 5th - july 20th.

    1. Let me know before your visit...and maybe we can find a few minutes to work on splices.