Friday, May 17, 2013


My blog post of a couple of days ago (about an eye splice) has prompted me to mention the bowline today. The bowline is one of the most versatile of knots -- easy to tie, very secure...and easy to untie.

A Loosely Tied Bowline

To tie a bowline, use the working end (the "active" end of the line) to make a loop (landlubbers can think of this as a rabbit hole). Bring the working end (let's now call that the rabbit) out of his hole, around the back of the standing end (the longer section of the line; we'll call that the tree), and back down the rabbit hole.

Capt. Rob says he can tell you are a seasoned sailor if you can tie a bowline without moving your lips!

The bowline is a great knot to know. It can be used in so many ways. Go ahead...try it.

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  1. Anonymous8:49 AM

    Tried it and...done. And mastered--without moving my lips! (Though I must admit I peeked at a youtube video to supplement your directions.)

    Looking at your photo while trying to tie the knot, I wondered whether you're left-handed, since your knot seemed the reverse image of what I was trying. Regardless, the bowline is a knot that has escaped me ever since my boys were little and I tried to help them learn it in Cub Scouts. But now, thank's to your nudge, it is mine--finally. Evokes the old adage about "teaching a man to fish."

    Great post, Philip. Always something worthwhile and engaging here at the Ocracoke Island Journal. Thanks!

    1. Congratulations!

      I am right-handed. After I make the first loop, I hold it together with the fingers and thumb of my left hand. Then I thread the working end through the loop and around the standing end with my right hand.

      I'm glad you enjoy the Journal.