Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Not a Shipwreck

Over the centuries many interesting objects have washed up on the beaches of the Outer Banks: bunches of bananas, top hats, crates of shoes, thousands of bags of Doritos, vegetables, marijuana, messages in bottles, and ships -- brigs, sloops, schooners, yachts, even a decommissioned Naval vessel.

Shipwrecks have become part of the mystique of the Outer Banks. However, by the early years of the 20th century the era of grand wooden sailing vessels had come to an end. Since then the ravages of storms and high tides have carried away or buried the remnants of most shipwrecks.

Nevertheless, various objects continue to find their way to Ocracoke's beach. This heavy treated beam was probably part of a dock that was torn apart by a hurricane. Today it lies just south of the Lifeguard Beach. It is too heavy to put in the bed of a pickup truck, so it will probably remain with us until the next storm that washes over the island.

Our latest Ocracoke Newsletter documents the day telephones came to the island. The article includes images of Ocracoke's first telephone directory which lists a total of 63 subscribers. You can read the Newsletter here:


  1. Anonymous7:28 AM

    Hi Philip,
    Somehow when I clicked on this morning, I came to the Lazy Susan article about the refinished Sam Jones table. Now I cannot find it and I'd like to finish it. Can you tell me where to find it? Sure wish I knew what button I touched to get there! Thanks so much,
    NJ Reader

    PS It looks beautiful!

    1. Sorry about that! Sometimes I write posts and schedule them for a later date. I made a mistake and scheduled two posts for today. I made the correction this morning -- deleted the Lazy Susan post...which will be published tomorrow.

    2. Anonymous8:29 AM

      Thanks for letting me know. I did look and this explains why I couldn't find it. And thanks anon. 7:53. My kids are better at this computer stuff than me, I admit. Enjoy your day!

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    anon 7:28 the funny thing about a google search, it is like your personal reference librarian. You simply type in key words-- such as , Sam Jones lazy susan table and before you can say Al Gore there are results to your query ... I found two entries this way- two for PH's musings that is.ope this helps.

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    This phrase get a life, it was the name of a tv show for a short while. It included in its cast of characters a space alien or two, from what I understand. The free advice so many are willing to share to those that need to get a life is refreshing. It is like an old telephone party line you can read with out comment or jump in and add your insight from what ever it is you call My World and welcome to it.