Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Snow at Hatteras Inlet

Two more snow photos (thanks to David Tweedie), taken as he was stranded on Hatteras earlier today. The ferries were not running because the snowstorm has reduced visibility.


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  2. Anonymous10:46 PM

    From the looks of Doppler radar as of 1040pm Tuesday, it seems as if you folks are just now getting out from under the snow. What was your total accumulation with this latest storm? It seems as if it was over Ocracoke for most of the afternoon and evening today.

    Wonder how you folks manage on the roadways down there in such a circumstance. (Probably just walk where you need to go and wait for the snow to melt away within 12 hours.)

    Stay warm.

    And welcome to Pennsylvania!


    1. The total accumulation was about 5 inches. Many islanders have 4WD vehicles. It is raining as I write. Snow never lasts long on Ocracoke.


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