Thursday, June 16, 2016

Arm Wrestling

Ocracoke's Eighth Annual Women's Arm Wrestling Tournament will be held tonight  at 6:30 in the Community Center (not in the back yard of the Village Thrift Store, as originally planned). This is a fun evening's entertainment with friendly competition and creative costumes.

Here are photos of a couple of the contestants from past years:

The event is a benefit for Ocracoke's radio station, WOVV (90.1 FM). Come on out for a great time!

This month's Ocracoke Newsletter is the dramatic story of life-saver Rasmus Midgett and his rescue of the crew of the barkentine Priscilla in August, 1899. You can read it here:


  1. Anonymous8:53 AM

    On the topic of the "Thrift Store" yes it is "non-profit" (does not sell shares to pay dividends to shareholders/investors) (remember the NFL national Football League was once a non profit} (go figure NFL non profit) Anyway the Youth Center was the entity that benefited from the proceeds(not "profit") I would think that should be featured in the Name more Prominently . Additionally, an article on the web mentioned a grant for three years and the money "generated" during that peroid would be "saved" for the Youth center Is there any word on how much was saved during that thee year period and Is the YCTS till in operation. Why dis the arm wrestling event from the back yard. I would be intesested in learning more about the Thrift store as it is non profit and benefits the community thus I think an appropriate topic for OIJ to feature thank you.

    1. I may write about Village Thrift Store in the future, but please keep in mind that my general focus in this blog is daily island life, history, and island culture & traditions. I am not a typical newspaper reporter. Perhaps the Ocracoke Current or the Ocracoke Observer would like to interview the appropriate people in order to shed more light on your questions.

    2. Greetings from the Ocracoke Current!
      We posted an article about Village Thrift when it opened in its new location earlier this year.
      All of the Village Thrift proceeds go to support the Ocracoke Youth Center, which is still very much in operation, having recently built the Ocracoke Community Park. OYC owns, operates, and maintains the Park and Village Thrift.
      OYC was on hiatus for a few years before the Park project got underway, which is why the proceeds from Village Thrift (and the start-up grant it received) were "saved."
      Read about Village Thrift here:
      Read about the Ocracoke Community Park here:


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