Thursday, June 30, 2016

July 4th Celebration

For the first time since the deadly explosion of 2009 Ocracoke Village will again host an Independence Day fireworks display. It will begin at 9:15 pm on Saturday, July 3.

Full Independence Day Schedule:

Click on the image above (follow directions on the right to view a larger image) for more information about fireworks, storytelling, music, square dance, sand sculpture contest, sky diving demonstration, beach fire, parade, and more.

If you are planning to be on the island for the Celebration, please take note of the following:
  • The NPS parking lot and boat ramp will close at 5pm on Saturday, July 2nd. The parking lot should re-open on Monday, July 4th. Bill Gilbert has offered to let boaters use the boat ramp at the Anchorage Inn while the parking lot is closed. Please contact the Anchorage Marina at 928-6661.
  • Highway 12 will close at 7pm on Sunday July 3rd, starting at the corner of Hwy. 12 and British Cemetery Road. Only ferry traffic and resident/renter traffic will be allowed through. The last ferry leaves for Cedar Island at 9pm. The fireworks will start at 9:15-ish after that ferry has left. (Travel tip: if you or someone you know has to leave on the 3rd, recommend that ferry departure. They will have a great view of the fireworks!)
  • Tommy Hutcherson will be playing tunes at the NPS docks next to the ferries starting at 8pm, July 3rd. Bring a chair or blanket and claim a space on the docks or grassy area for the best view of the fireworks. 
  • The Community Center parking lot will be available for visitors after 7pm on July 3rd. The Community Square parking lot will be available after 8pm. 
  • Please walk, bike, or if you must, use a golf cart. We expect a big crowd.

And, if you haven't already done so, take at look at this month's Ocracoke Newsletter. It is an article about the 1953 July 4th Parade, and it is accompanied by vintage photos.You can read the Newsletter here:  

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  1. We were there that day staying in the blue condos on the other side of the ditch... Despite the number of years, it's still a little shocking and hard to believe. It shook the whole building. Sorry to have missed you this year. Next year, hopefully, I can catch up with you, set a spell and have a chat on the pizer. I was on the radio for an interview, though, with Peter who's a nice guy and I worked with him on getting a couple of things "up to snuff" on a laptop so that things can go a little quicker for him and that was fun; we had several chances to trade favorite music and stuff like that.