Wednesday, June 22, 2016


How many inlets have existed along the Outer Banks of North Carolina? Here is a partial list (of existing and historic inlets), beginning at the north (source, Place Names of the Outer Banks by Roger L. Payne):
  1. Currituck
  2. New Currituck
  3. Musketo
  4. Caffey's
  5. Trinitie
  6. Roanoke
  7. Gunt
  8. Oregon
  9. New
  10. Chickinacommock
  11. Chaneandepeco
  12. Hatteras
  13. Old Hatteras
  14. Wells Creek
  15. Ocracoke
  16. Whalebone
  17. Swash
  18. Sand Island
  19. Old Drum
  20. Drum
  21. Cedar
  22. Old Drum 
  23. Barden
  24. Beaufort
  25. Cheeseman
  26. Bogue
The number of inlets, and their changing locations, attest to the dynamic nature of these fragile barrier islands.

This month's Ocracoke Newsletter is an article about one of the early July 4th Parades written by Alice Rondthaler in 1953. It is accompanied by vintage photos.You can read the Newsletter here:

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