Thursday, June 02, 2016

The Community Square

The Ocracoke Foundation includes the following paragraph on their web site about The Community Square Revitalization Project:

"Since 1918, Ocracoke's Community Square has been the heart of our maritime heritage, a welcoming gathering place for watermen, merchants, students, locals and tourists alike.  Nearly a century later, stories are still shared, goods are still sold, and local events are still celebrated amongst these 5 National Register structures and waterfront docks."

But the Revitalization Project needs funds to meet their goals.

In order to continue to protect the Community Square, an $800,000 interim loan from The Conservation Fund must be repaid by October, 2016. As the Foundation raises the money to repay The Conservation Fund, the private donor is willing to release the debt obligation dollar for dollar. Therefore, between now and October 2016, for all donations made to repay The Conservation Fund loan, the Private Donor will forgive an equal amount—up to $800,000. 

For more information, and to make a contribution to the Community Square Revitalization Project click here

This month's Ocracoke Newsletter is the dramatic story of life-saver Rasmus Midgett and his rescue of the crew of the barkentine Priscilla in August, 1899. You can read it here:


  1. Anonymous12:28 PM

    Wow what an opportunity for all the OI Landlords (that seasonally make a boatload of money)(as well as the leasing companies) to donate.

  2. Anonymous4:00 PM

    As always, Philip, I appreciate your graciousness in sharing news of all stripes re. Ocracoke. And I find your lack of cynicism in this forum particularly refreshing, especially in this day and age. What's the old saying: ""Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than speak and remove all doubt." :-)


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