Thursday, September 15, 2016


Ocracoke has a reputation (often deserved, of course) for being an unpretentious, laid-back place. With that said, islanders of past generations also knew how to dress for more formal occasions.

In the 1941 photo above, Homer (1868-1947) and Aliph (1876-1950) Howard are attired in their Sunday best. Their granddaughter, Becky, is beside them. Even today you will sometimes see islanders gussied up for special occasions.

Our Ocracoke Newsletter for this month is an article by Philip Howard, My Ocracoke, Living amidst 250 years of Howard family history. You can read it here:


  1. Anonymous10:03 AM

    Gussied up, I do miss those days. It seems most folk you see on the street appear to be set to wash a car or hose down a pick up truck. That is, if they don't have a tattoo appointment. Remember, the Beatles even wore suits at one time. People wore clothes when they did not have air conditioning and they no doubt sweated bullets. Now with ac in cars and offices, it does not explain this dressing down of ones own choosing; except for choosing not to get gussied up. Dress codes at work and failing to enforce the dress code at work does not bode well for a unified effort to maintain a modicum of direction. The picture was not doubt made during the winter on the island, what you say sir?

    1. I would guess the photo was taken in the early fall.


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