Friday, September 02, 2016

Storm Update

Tropical Storm Hermine is expected to pass over or near the Outer Banks later today and early tomorrow, bringing rain, higher than normal tides, and moderate wind.

Unfortunately  I am experiencing problems with Internet access (unrelated to the approaching storm). Please check the Ocracoke Preservation Society Facebook page for current information about storm conditions.

Of course, we are hoping for few repercussions from Hermine, and a speedy return to beautiful fall weather on Ocracoke Island.


  1. Any information you can provide, I would appreciate. If you have an opinion on when you think visitors will be able to arrive via the Hatteras Ferry, that would be great. I am supposed to be leaving Saturday morning for a week on beautiful Ocracoke.

    1. I have had Internet connection issues (unrelated to the storm) all day. I suggest you check the Ocracoke Preservation Society's Facebook page for the latest information.

  2. Good luck Philip and the rest of you! Here's hoping Hermine gives you a quick glance at most and moves along ...


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