Saturday, July 29, 2017

Tidelande EMC Update

Tideland Electric Membership Corporation has posted a damage update report
at 4 pm today. You can read it here:

I wonder if PCL Construction read the following message on the Tideland web page:

Call 811 Before You Dig
Protect your underground utilities from damage. 

Since 1978 North Carolina 811 has provided you a fast and easy communications link with your local utility providers. You give us information about your excavation, we transmit the information to the utilities and then they send out locators to mark your underground lines for FREE.  So remember, call 811 or 1-800-632-4949 three working days before ​you plan on digging.


  1. Anonymous7:31 AM

    Sincere empathy flowing forth directed outwardly regarding residents of non nomadic nature of island. Going beyond normal to reestablish direct current of energy to Ocracoke. Implore government officials to advance funding for rapid resolution of a incident. Our family sends greatest exhalation to all involved in this saddest of all incidents. May divine bless receive forward. Vladimir

  2. My thoughts exactly. Up here in VA, there's a number you call to have them come out, find and mark ALL of the utilities so this very thing doesn't happen (They call it Miss Utility, for obvious reasons; it's catchy and hard to forget). Methinks, someone forgot to call 811...


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