Thursday, April 12, 2018

Bryant Family

Muzel Bryant (1904-2008) was the last member of Ocracoke's historic black family to live on the island. Muzel's grandmother Winnie Blount was born into slavery. She came from near Washington, NC, with her husband Harkus to live on Ocracoke after the slaves were freed. Harkus was a carpenter and boat builder, and the couple managed to acquire land along the lighthouse road. They had two daughters, Jane and Annie Laura. Jane eventually met and married Leonard Bryant from Engelhard while she and Winnie were working at the old Doxsee Clam Factory, which was located near the entrance to the harbor. Annie Laura also lived on the island with her husband, but they moved to the mainland soon after their little boy fell off the back porch into the water barrel and drowned.

Aunt Winnie

Muzel was one of Jane and Leonard's nine children.

Muzel Bryant, photo: OPS

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  1. Anonymous10:49 AM

    Is OI a historically dangerous place for children?

    1. I would say just the opposite. Ocracoke is a very safe place for children. Of course we are surrounded by water, and ocean currents can be dangerous, espeacially for the reckless.


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