Friday, August 03, 2018

Fish Nets

Until the mid 1970s, when monofilament nets began to be manufactured, Ocracoke fishermen relied on cotton nets. These were hand-sewn, often with help from fishermen's wives. Cotton nets represented a significant investment of time and labor, and they were carefully dried, stored, and mended when necessary. Net houses, small buildings on the ends of docks, or along the sound shore, were used to store nets, decoys, and other equipment.

Lum Gaskill's Net House, ca. 1970

Nets were often hung out in the sun on racks to dry, as shown in this vintage postcard from the 1950s:

If you have ever wondered how the street you live on or vacation on got its name, or are just curious about other street names, take a look at this month's Ocracoke Newsletter. We have compiled a list of every official street in Ocracoke village, along with one or more paragraphs explaining how they came to be named. You can read the Newsletter here.

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