Monday, August 27, 2018

Island Taxes, 1953

In the past I have written about Sam Jones, an eccentric businessman who had a significant impact on Ocracoke in the 1950s.

The following paragraph was gleaned from the March 13, 1953, issue of The Coastland Times (photos added):

"Testifying before a committee in Raleigh this week, Atty. George T. Davis of Swan Quarter, representing Sam Jones of Norfolk, who is fighting the establishment of the Seashore Park, stated that Mr. Jones' clubhouse on Ocracoke is worth up to $70,000.

Sam Jones with his horse, Ikey D

"If that is true, then Hyde County is losing a lot of taxes that Mr. Jones ought to pay, for the total property valuation on Ocracoke Island last year, which included everybody's property, amounted to only $124,371. It might be most interesting to see how Mr. Jones lists his valuation on his Green Island Clubhouse, which is the only building in the park area. Mr. Jones' new home, now being built in the village outside the park boundaries, will cost another $70,000.

Sam Jones' home under construction

"So his properties are worth more than the whole of Ocracoke Island on the Hyde County tax books."

This month's Ocracoke Newsletter is the story of Mrs. Godfrey's ghost who haunts the Island Inn/Odd Fellows Lodge. The story is taken from Chapter Three of my book, Digging up Uncle Evans. You can read the account here:

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