Thursday, August 09, 2018

Northwest Point Light

I recently came across information about the 1922 Northwest Point Light, near Ocracoke.

According to the Ocracoke Preservation Society, this was "a screwpile lighthouse, typical along the North Carolina sound waters. Installed in the years immediately after World War I, these beacons were built to guide mariners through Ocracoke Inlet, past Portsmouth Island, and across the Pamlico Sound. Today, this screwpile lighthouse design has been replaced with lighted channel markers and is no longer used."

The structure has been gone for many years.

Photo courtesy Outer Banks History Center.

If you have ever wondered how the street you live on or vacation on got its name, or are just curious about other street names, take a look at this month's Ocracoke Newsletter. We have compiled a list of every official street in Ocracoke village, along with one or more paragraphs explaining how they came to be named. You can read the Newsletter here.

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  1. Anonymous5:21 PM

    Philip maybe you've heard something about this.
    this is a site for the great basin nat'l park and their dark sky program. granted they are in Nevada and it is really dark BUT so are parts of the outer banks. the NPS in manteo knew nothing about trying to turn the outer banks or parts of it into this special designation. However, the outer banks free press sometime back ran a story on such an effort by the NPS. the story stops there...miliions of dollars are spent on people traveling to such areas. the outer banks is blessed with black nights already. it's just a matter of keeping them that way. When was the last time you saw the milky way? it's right in the back yards of those living on the outer banks. anyway, if you have any info on this it would be of interest and helpful. thanks....A daily reader.