Saturday, February 18, 2006


For all of our readers who know my cousin Blanche, she is doing fine -- but she did have a fall yesterday. She lost her footing and tumbled onto some concrete blocks in the back yard. I carried her up to Nags Head for an x-ray, and she's broken her humerus. We came back home last evening with her left arm immobilized, and the biggest problem now will just be convincing her to slow down.

Blanche is the sweetest and hardest working 86 year old I've ever known. You may have seen her tending to the graveyards across the street from the Village Craftsmen. She likes to be busy. And she is a wealth of information about old-time Ocracoke. She can answer almost any question I have about the island's history.

I told her I was going to move the ladder she has propped up against her house so she wouldn't be tempted to climb up on the roof to clean out her gutters, but she let me know that I wasn't to touch her ladder or she'd just have to move it back!

At first she didn't want me to tell about her fall in my journal, but then she relented and said it was OK. If you want to send her a card, just address it to Blanche Howard Jolliff, General Delivery, Ocracoke, NC 27960.

Or, if you want to send her an e-card, I'll be happy to print it out and hand deliver it to her. Just email any card to There are lots of e-card sites on the web. Here is one:

Our current monthly Ocracoke Newsletter is Gary Mitchell's essay "I Believe in Pot-Lucks," published January 23, 2006. You can read it here:


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