Saturday, February 04, 2006

In Memoriam

Many visitors to Village Craftsmen will remember our faithful shop cat, Leon. He died sometime Thursday morning on Howard Street.

Leon came to Ocracoke from Colorado and loved island life. Although we never knew for sure, many folks were convinced, because of his short, stubby tail, that he was a Manx. He had long, fluffy fur, and the sweetest personality. You couldn't help but fall in love with Leon.

In the many years he wandered around the shop, sleeping on bottom shelves, or perched on the counter, or greeting folks on the front porch, he never once scratched or even bared his teeth. Even when agressive younguns got in his face he would simply turn and walk away.

I miss seeing him every morning at my back door, and I don't pass his sleeping box at the Village Craftsmen without a thought for the best cat I've ever known.

So long, Leon, from all your friends at Village Craftsmen!

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  1. Anonymous11:15 PM

    Sorry to hear about Leon, we will remember rubbing him on our last visit, last November and how he kept following Pam around your shop, until you decide it was time for him to go out. Then of course when we left he was outside waiting for one last rub.

    Was at Cedar Island 2 weeks ago Duck Hunting, always hate to get that close and not come over, but time just didn't permit.

    Take Care & THANKS

    Nollie & Pam

  2. Anonymous8:44 PM

    Dear Philip,
    I too remember Leon. Being a cat lover, I know how you're feeling. Cats each have such unique personalities that you'll never find another just like him. Hopefully though another stray island cat will find his home at the Craftsman. Carol from Ohio

  3. Anonymous10:19 AM

    Dear Philip,
    I have been coming to visit your store for as long as I can remember, and some of the best parts of those memories was seeing Leon snoozing somewhere either in the store, or on the front porch. He will be missed.

    My condolences to you, Amy, David, Lachlan and the rest of your Village Craftsmen family on the loss of your beloved mascot.

    Oil City, PA

  4. I am sad to hear about Leon. I am glad that he had such a beautiful home. We have visited Ocracoke several times in the past and even lived in North Carolina (Belhaven area) for many years. We love Ocracoke and miss being able to visit. Sorry for your loss; these sweet furry friends enrich our lives so much, and when they are gone there is a big hole left behind in our lives. Your Friends,
    The Hamiltons
    Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

  5. Anonymous7:54 PM

    Hi Philip, So sorry to hear about Leon. He was a great cat, and obviously had a great life with all of you at the store. Remember him with affection, and may another cat grace your shop when the time is right..Judy from Vt.